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100 Passengers by Margaret D. Mitchell

100 Passengers by Margaret D. Mitchell
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God still performs miracles, and you can facilitate them, even in your workplace. Prepare to soar with inspiration as your read how God led God's Love at Work Founder and former Flight Attendant Margaret D. Mitchell from fear to faith to bring healing and comfort to passengers and crew members. Let 100 Passengers open your eyes to opportunities for daily miracles in your workplace.
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“Wonderful book! People will be blessed as I was. Wayne Atcheson: Director, Billy Graham Library
“ . . . absolutely fascinating!” “It’s a fascinating story filled with little vignettes of her encounters with people.” “If you like little gems, that’s what this book is.” Janet Parshall : Host, “Janet Parshall’s America”: Radio program
“I loved your book!” “Thank you for . . . challenging us to treat our workplaces and our lives as the Great Commission.” Debra Maffett: Former Miss America & Co-Host, “The Harvest Show”: TV program
"Now that is real!" "What a wonderful collection of beautiful essays. So many inspiring stories . . . that I really loved." Mary E. Banks: Author of LIving by Faith 9 to 5: Founder & President, W.O.W. Consulting Group: Houston, TX
“It’s really fascinating!” “It’s just jam packed with story after story that will challenge you and make you that bold person you ought to be as a witness.” Herman Bailey: Co-Host, “It’s Time for Herman & Sharron”: TV program
“It is awesome! I laughed. I cried. I prayed.” "It's amazing is what it is!" Michael Sexton: Music Director, WCOK Radio: Sparta, NC
"I loved it!  I could hardly put it down." Tracey Tiernan: Host, WRBS Radio: Baltimore, MD
Excerpts from 100 Passengers... Benefits
As we descended, the cabin was blanketed in silence except for one baby’s muted cry that seemed to float in the air with us. Suddenly, I felt peace drift over me. From the serenity came a young woman’s voice. “Are we having an emergency?” she asked. (Chapter 6)
My mind kept drifting to . . . an engine fire, explosions, and burning metal searing my stockings to my legs . . . Soon, we hit the ground. Hard. I flinched, raising the fire extinguisher above my face, my finger on the pin. (Chapter 6)
. . . the captain stood at the head of the aisle and yelled back to me, “Tornado headed toward us! Hurry! Run!” (Chapter 38)
. . . the man had a pacemaker, a feeding tube, and a host of serious medical conditions. We weren’t sure whether [he] would make it. (Chapter 16)
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And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love.
Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

1 John 4:16
Margaret D. Mitchell

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