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September 2008 Newsletter

Hi Ladies,

As we jump into autumn, here’s what’s new . . .

God’s Love At Work Chat Group . . .

Join our new chat group for Christian working women, and begin sharing your encouragements and challenges.  Click here to link to our Yahoo Group and begin.

There are already a couple of topics posted:

  1.  What to do with an unbelieving boss?”
  2.  “What would Jesus think of Sarah Palin’s new position   as VP running mate?” 

Conference/Expo Update . . .

If you live in the Atlanta area, you don’t have to wait until our 2008 Women’s Conference & Expo to meet breakout presenter Barbara Lickwar and participate in her Restoration For The Soul Workshops.  Barbara conducts her Workshops in her home and in the homes of other women in the Atlanta area.  So if you would like to get a head start and be added to her e-mail list to receive notices of her free workshops, simply e-mail her at  You won’t be disappointed!

Remember, if you register for the God’s Love at Work 2008 Conference & Expo by October 6, you will be invited to participate in a free teleseminar with keynote speaker Dondi Scumaci on October 7 at 7 p.m. ET.  It’s our gift to you for registering early.

Book of the Month . . .

My friend, Brenda “BJ” Cannon, releases her new book this month, “Faith Lessons: Experiencing the Miracles.”  This book is a collection of powerful personal testimonies written by various contributors—some famous, some ordinary people.  Jennifer O’Neal and Dr. Robert Schuller both contributed to this life-altering anthology.  Click here to purchase your copy by September 30 and receive free shipping.  Brenda will exhibit at our Expo in November, so bring your pre-purchased copy and have her sign it in person!

Christian Labor Union . . .

If you work in Canada, you can join CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada), the largest independent labor union in that nation.  Based on justice, respect and dignity, CLAC offers its members training and benefits, like negotiation services, discounts at consumer businesses, health benefits, supplemental retirement programs, workplace insurance, scholarships and more. 

And if you are a self-employed Canadian, CLAC’s affiliate, Guild Network, offers similar programs. 

Christian Career Resources . . .

Check out Paula White’s new Career Pack.  It includes three resources for only $35, including her new 3 CD series, “How To Win At Work,” and two books: “The Complete Leader,” by Marian Heard and “Climbing The Ladder In Stilettos” by Lynette Lewis.  Click here for more information.

Women in Leadership . . .

A new survey by The Pew Research Center indicates that women have profound leadership traits.  And although I do not favor comparing women with men, I found the public perception in this survey quite interesting.  Click here to read “Men or Women: Who’s the Better Leader?”

Upcoming U.S. Presidential Election . . .

If you aren’t sure how to vote November 4, you may want to consider voting according to biblical principles.  If you’re not sure where the two presidential candidates stand on important issues or you need more clarification, these resources can help:

“Voter Issue Guide” by

“A Covenant With Life: Reclaiming MLK’s Legacy” an article by Dr. Alveda C. King, neice of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Vote the Bible”  CD series by Pastor John Hagee

Until next month, may God continue to bless you & the work of your hands!

Margaret D. Mitchell
God’s Love at Work for Women

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love.
Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

1 John 4:16
Margaret D. Mitchell

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