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June 2007 Newsletter

Greetings Beloved!

            What a glorious month in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

            In honor of June brides, we have included in this issue a special workplace testimony from newsletter subscriber, Shelby Webster, about her dear friend and colleague, Rhonda.  You won’t want to miss this miraculous and sentimental story!

On June 10th, we held an outdoor book signing in rural North Carolina.  At one point, several little girls encircled the table.  Some bought books, and others ran off to play.  At the end of this event, there was one little girl who remained and seemed particularly curious.  We handed her a free book, and she was so delighted.  This little girl wanted to know Jesus.  And this was a highlight of our trip!

June 14th is Flag Day, when in 1777, the U.S. Continental Congress passed a resolution to adopt its first flag, the 13-stars and stripes banner, which was believed to have been sewn by Betsy Ross.  If you enjoy sewing, don’t miss Rushan Smyth’s phenominal testimony in our “Woman to Woman” column this month.

Beginning the week of June 17th, our weekly devotional, “A Woman’s Walk,” is scheduled to appear on and on, the largest Christian websites in the world.  Thank you, Lord, for expanding our territory and rewarding us!

            Also, June 17th is Father’s Day, an opportunity to bless our earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father.  If you haven’t read the Father’s Love Letter, I encourage you to read it or watch the video at, and send the link onto your dad. 

            Scroll now down to read Shelby Webster’s heartfelt workplace testimony.

            May God bless you big during this season of business anointing!

In His Might Love,

                Margaret D. Mitchell
God’s Love @ Work

My Spiritual Journey at Work with Rhonda
by Shelby Webster  

In The Beginning . . .  

When I started my job about 3 ½ years ago, I sat across from a beautiful lady named Rhonda.  As Rhonda and I became acquainted, I realized God had placed me next to a lady who truly loved the Lord.  Rhonda carried her pocket size Bible with her everyday.  She would share scripture with me and nourish my soul with her spiritual feedings.  During our journey together in our working environment we encountered many, many challenges in the corporate world. 

Rhonda’s Heartbreak . . .  

Rhonda had recently gone through a difficult divorce and it was ever so fresh in her mind.  After over 20 plus years of marriage she found it hard to understand why her marriage to the man she loved, her best friend, had come to an end over lust for another woman (whom he married).  Not only did this situation devastate their marriage it created division between their young adult children.  Rhonda’s heart was aching severely and my heart was broken to hear her painful story.  There were many after-work conversations at our desk stations talking about her heartbreaking divorce. Tears of sorrow and pain poured down her face as she emptied her emotional heart to me.  I embraced her sadness as I listened to this dear lady.  My heart hurt deeply for her.  She spoke of how the Lord comforted her through this traumatic time in her life, and she would tell me over and over again through the years that God is good and she would get through this.  Rhonda trusted in God with all her spiritual heart.

Our Friendship . . .  

Rhonda and I became close friends during our working relationship and Rhonda constantly enlightened me with her knowledge of scripture.  She also has the voice of an angel, and when she would sing spiritual songs, it soothed my soul.  Whenever someone had a birthday in the office, Rhonda would wait until the person was away from their desk and sing Happy Birthday to them on their voice mail.  She brought lots of sunshine and smiles with her precious voice.

Shared Pain . . .  

There were times on the job when I would get some heart wrenching news about family or friends.  There was a day when my father was struggling in severe pain with a torn rotator cuff.   There was a day when I found out my aunt had to have immediate surgery and have part of her intestines removed.  There was a day when my Uncle died.  There was a day when my mom struggled caring for my dad after his surgery.  There was a day when my oldest sister was struggling with ulcerative colitis.  There was a day when my oldest brother was struggling through divorce.  There was a day when my cousin died.  There was a day when my husband encountered death on his job from a fallen smoke stack.  And there was a day when he lost one of his good workers due to an overdose after his wife died of cancer.  When I experienced these days of pain and sorrow Rhonda would jump to my side and comfort me with prayer at my workstation.  She felt my pain and sorrow. There were days when we cried on each other’s shoulders. Rhonda’s love for the Lord is sincere and truly remarkable. 

Our Celebrations . . .  

There were also many, many times of happiness and laughter during our working relationship.  We would laugh at some of the crazy things we would deal with at the corporate level.  Rhonda helped me on many occasions decorate other employee’s workstations when they had a birthday.  She would stay with me after work, and we would just pour our hearts into making it a great birthday celebration for them.

Answered Prayers . . .  

Within the last year of my job, Rhonda’s ex-husband, Joe, had experienced a rekindled heart through God.  He knew that when he ended his marriage to Rhonda it was a devastating mistake.  Rhonda and Joe had been divorced five years.  Through the chaos and the demons encircling Joe’s life, his trust in the Lord pulled him out of the ugly pit. He wanted Rhonda, the love of his life, back in his arms and to once again be his wife.  Joe persevered.  Rhonda eyes would sparkle and gleam with delight when we would discuss the newly rekindled flame.  I was excited for her but also concerned because she had mixed emotions as days went by.  The day Rhonda came into work with a new engagement ring on her ring finger, I saw the years of hardship, pain and sorrow drop to the ground.  Her face was glowing.  Rhonda’s broken marriage was being mended.  God is good!

Shared Views . . .  

Rhonda and I have shared many views of the corporate working environment and we both shared the same view of not being compensated for working late and the lack of salary increase.  In any event, we both were thankful we had jobs.  Then travel requirements were thrown upon us, and they became mandatory.  I had to travel to Virginia from Maryland every other Wednesday, and Rhonda started out having to travel to two different locations every Wednesday within the Maryland vicinity.  We did get compensated a small sum of money for a fuel expenses.  However, at this point, I knew for myself, personally it was time to search for another job. 

Open Doors . . .  

I applied for 3 jobs and received a response from them all.  I prayed and asked God to help me with my new path in life.  Rhonda, my spiritual friend, was on my list of references.  I’ll never forget the look on Rhonda’s face when the Human Resource lady called her.  She tapped me on my shoulder to let me know they were on the phone with her (we had wireless headsets).  After the call, Rhonda and I shared the conversation and tears began to pour from my eyes.  Listening to how she told of my work ethics and of my personality overwhelmed my soul with thankfulness.  We both knew at that point this was a sure thing and we embraced. 

A New Journey . . .  

Thoughts of leaving my dear friend to journey on a new path in life grasped my heart.  I know God graciously answered my prayer with this job being close to home along with an increase in pay.  I gave thanks to God and understood my new journey, just two weeks away, would approach quickly.  As the days passed, it was difficult knowing the employees I became friends with would no longer be a part of my professional career.  However, my biggest struggle was trying to come to terms with knowing I would no longer be in the physical presence of my spiritual friend, Rhonda.  As the days rapidly passed, Rhonda and I reminisced of our journey together, and she always reminded me God is good!

Reflection & Thanksgiving . . .  

In short, Rhonda showered me with many gifts through the years (material and spiritual).  She nurtured me with scripture.  She was always kind, understanding, thoughtful, caring and very supportive.  She has blessed me in so many ways.  She gave me comfort when it was desperately needed.  We shared lots of laughter in times of joy.  Her spiritual feedings have nourished my heart and soul, which has touched my life forever.  We have traveled many, many miles personally and professionally over the past 3 ½ years.  With God’s helping hands, we have faced life’s challenges and spoken many words through our journey together and I am truly honored to be a part of it all.  I give a heartfelt thanks to the Lord for providing me with the opportunity to walk this path with Rhonda.

Embracing . . .  

As I entered my workstation on my last day of employment, I felt God’s embrace, and knew I needed all the help I could get as my heart filled with sorrow.  I personally wrote out thank you cards to all the employees in the Finance and Accounting Department.  Along with the thank you cards I gave each an uplifting memento to let them know I would truly miss them.  As they each read their cards, they visited my workstation with cards and gifts from themselves.  The tears began to flow amongst us all.  I had flowers, cards and gifts surrounding me in my workstation.  I felt God’s love all around me through these co-workers.  I noticed Rhonda had not yet opened the card and gift I gave her.  Rhonda was doing a fantastic job of holding it all together.  She saw what I was going through with the other employees as she sat directly across from me.  When Rhonda finally opened the thank you card I gave her, I could see my words touched her heart.  The years of emotions streamed down our faces as we knew our professional journey together was drawing to an end. 

Saying Good-bye . . . 

Upon returning from my good-bye luncheon, the receptionist stopped me with flowers at the front desk.  When I read the card they were from my mother and father congratulating me on my new job.  What do you think happened next?  Yes, the tears poured down my face again.  Pictures were taken at lunch and at work and shared with all.  Then the time came to leave. 

My immediate department (4 employees-including Rhonda) said their good-byes.  At this point, I couldn’t keep track of who was crying any longer as my eyes were foggy and sore from this overwhelming day of emotion.  I hugged each one and said I would stay in touch.  Then I proceeded down the long corridor to the steps and walked out the door with a big sigh.  When I got home I was still crying and my husband took me in his arms and comforted me.  I believed he cried too.

A Surprise . . .

For a while, Rhonda and I didn’t have the opportunity to speak to each other.  But we have left voice mail messages on each other’s answering machine.  On my recent birthday, May 16th, I was happily surprised with the voice of an angel singing Happy Birthday on my answering machine when I came home from work.  What joy and happiness that voice brought me on my birthday!  My husband couldn’t believe her voice.  All I said to him was I told you she had a great voice!

Another New Beginning . . .

I anxiously await Rhonda’s and Joe’s wedding day, June 16th, and I am overwhelmed with joy to witness their ceremony.  Their wedding invitation quotes Song of Solomon 3:4, “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”   I truly and sincerely miss this kind hearted lovely lady.

Thanks to the Lord for He is good!

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love.
Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

1 John 4:16
Margaret D. Mitchell

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